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Relief supplies to Ukraine

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, Dave will once again leave for Ukraine with relief supplies. These are intended for:

For this trip, Dave is still looking for sponsor who want to contribute to the Tanya Foundation. Go to for that our donation page. The donations are used to buy extra relief supplies in Ukraine such as:

  • canned food
  • hygiene products for babies and the elderly
  • soup
  • pastas
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On Saturday, January 21, 2023, Dave and his father (1948) drove to Ukraine for the second time to deliver 800 kg of relief goods collected in the Netherlands. A 7-day journey over 4400 km with air raid sirens, steam blackouts, curfews and constant threat of missile attacks.

Founding from Ternopil again received part of the relief supplies. They manage a care home for the elderly in Zhukiv, Ternopil region, which we visited on our first trip. In the nursing home we found elderly people who had fled from the east of Ukraine and needed 24-hour care.

The sight of these people and the conditions in the nursing home touched us deeply. Thanks to a home care organization in the Netherlands, we were able to donate a large amount of incontinence material. This improves the well-being of the elderly there.

On their journey, Dave and his father saw the devastation in Borodyanka, Irpin and Bucha. In Bucha, the Tanya Foundation bought 400 euros worth of extra relief supplies, such as canned food. The foundation consciously chooses to spend the donations received on the local economy.

In Kyiv, Dave and his father visited the Do Mrii Foundation (after the dream) The Tanya Foundation is expanding its network and personal contact is very important. The Do Mrii Foundation was founded immediately after the start of the war. Involved people who, in addition to their jobs, organize aid for the affected areas in the east and south of their country. They process received aid items into aid packages that they personally deliver to compatriots on the front line.

The Tanya Foundation left behind the relief goods brought from the Netherlands here, as well as the extra relief goods that were purchased in Bucha.

Saturday, January 27, 2023 Dave and his father returned home safely.

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Dave in the annual overview 2022 of Omroep Brabant

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Monday, January 2, 2023 Dave, founder of the Tanya Foundation, left for Ukraine with his father. The fundraising campaign in December was a great success. In more than 30 places in the Netherlands, a total of 22m3 of relief goods was collected and collected by the Tanya Foundation.

The relief goods were checked, sorted and prepared for transport. Dave and his father accounted for 800 kg of this. On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, they personally delivered this to the Open Door Foundation in Ternopil, Ukraine.

Frisian Riders Foundation, will bring the other 800 kg to the same location in Ternopil at the end of January.

From here, the relief supplies go to besieged cities such as Cherson and Bachmut.

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During this trip by Dave and Ad, relief supplies were also delivered to a care home for the elderly in Zhukiv. A shelter for abandoned dogs and cats in Lviv received the collected dog and cat food from us.

We donated the remainder of the relief supplies to the Movu-Moldova Foundation. They bring this to the poorest country in Europe, Moldova.

On Saturday, January 7, 2023, Dave and his father returned home safely.

The Relief Goods to Ukraine project has yielded 2,490.66 euros in donations for the Tanya Foundation.

The costs for fuel, overnight stays and food/drinks are paid for from this.

People who work for the Tanya Foundation do not receive any compensation or salary.

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